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Carmen C.H. Petrosian-Husa      


Institute for Cultural and Social Anthropology, University Vienna 
Vienna, Austria, 1995+1999


Introduction to

Overview Micronesia and its cultural and Micronesian diversity
1. Lecture: Introduction to Data and Facts about Micronesia
  Topography, history, weather, Gyben-Herzberg-lens, Typhhons, Tsunami
2. Lecture: Introduction to the Pacific Subsistence Economy
  Women's role in society, structures of authority, Pacific navigation
Film: Lamotrek -Heritage of an Island
Film: Celebration of a Teureng (Menarche)
3. Lecture: Chamorro Society
  Latte structures, Spanish colonialisation
4. Lecture: Yap - Where Money Lines the Street
  Stratified society, Yap empire, money systems
5. Lecture: Palau - Women's Power
  Female and male money, Palau in the 20th century
Film: Handicraft Traditions
6. Lecture: Chuuk -The Secret Power of Women
  Women the silent keepers of society
 7. Lecture: Pohnpei - The City In-Between
  Nan Madol and the Dynasty of the Saudeleurs, titles and Feasts
8. Lecture: Kosraie - Christianity in Micronesia
  The Missionaries and the church
9. Lecture: Nauru and the Marshall Islands
  Marshall Islands
10. Lecture: Kiribati - aka Gilbert Islands
11. Lecture: Examination

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