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Carmen C.H. Petrosian-Husa       


m2003-2006 Majuro, Marshall Islands


Historic Preservation Office / Alele Museum
Ministry of Interior Affairs, Marshall Islands


11. Meeting the requirements of U.S. National Park Service Program Assessments
12. Cooperation with national Agencies
13. Training Historic Preservation office staff
14. Planing, coordination and carrying out of ethnographic research
5. Fieldresearch: Arno Atoll
14. Feldforschung:Wotho Atoll
14. FeldforschungvMili Atoll
14. Feldforschungi Lib Island
16. Conducting research of traditions: Traditional Tools
15. Erforschung lokaler Traditionennn:Fishing Methods
15. Erforschung lokaler Traditionen:m Medicine
15. Erforschung lokaler Traditionen n: Plaiting
15. Erforschung lokaler Traditionenni: Special Dances on Arno-Atoll

17. Planing of the mangment of cultural ressources
18. Development and maintainance of a central inventory
19. Development and maintainance of an electronic database

10. Producing research reports
11. Representation of the Marshall Islands at the UNESCO World Heritage meetings
14mmm. First "Tenative List" of Marshallese sites
14mmm. Start of the nomination process for Marshallese sites
12. Development and desing of a website for the Historic Preservation Office and
mii the Alele Museum


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