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Carmen C.H. Petrosian-Husa       


m2001-2003 Koror, Republic of Palau


Bureau of Arts and Culture/ Historic Preservation Office
Republic of Palau


11. Meeting the requirements of U.S. National Park Service Program Assessments
12. Cooperation with national agencies
13. Training Historic Preservation office staff
14. Planing, coordination and carrying out of ethnographic research
5. Fieldresearch: Ngardmau State
14. Feldforschung:Southwestern Islands
16. Conducting research of traditions: Household Tools
15. Erforschung lokaler Traditionennn:Entertainment
17. Planing of the mangment of cultural ressources
18. Development and maintainance of an electronic database

19. Producing research reports
10. Development and desing of a website for the Bureau of Arts and Culture
nnnHistoric Preservation Office


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